Western Saddle Seat Saver

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The Western Seat Saver cushion attaches with 4 nonstretchy webbing straps and cinching buckles: around the horn, the cantle, and on each thigh piece to the breast collar, cinch ring or front D rings. Cantle straps keep the cantle cushion from flipping under when the rider mounts. The Seat Saver may be attached very securely on saddles without a horn by unbuckling the horn strap and running the two separate pieces through the gullet hole and the front D rings, buckling in front of the horn, or tuck the horn strap under the Seat Saver if you are not using it. The three other buckles will hold it quite securely alone.

For Long Western Cushion see Aussie Saddle Seat Saver.

The Western + is available with extra padding built in. This padding is placed so that there is a raised area on either side of the tail bone which lifts the rider just enough to take some pressure off the tail bone. Extra built in padding replaces the "A Little Bit More" cushion we used for several years. The + cushion is not removable. For customers that want the extra thick soft padding that was removable you can still special order that design. Cost is $10 extra. It would be a custom order.

Comfort Curves Seat Saver Cushions may be machine washed on gentle cycle or hand washed in cold, line dry. They may be placed in the washer vertically for the spin dry cycle. Dryer heat may damage fabric or foam materials. The cushion inside the Seat Saver is high density open cell foam similar to what is inside of furniture and will stand up to a lot of use. This was chosen to cushion and compress your body as you come down on the cushion and to expand when you come up off of it allowing for the next impact compression. It meets your body more gently than a saddle alone. When you get warm in your cushion a few bounces will expel hot air and your will cushion will feel cooler again. This cooling effect is only available in cushions which can breathe. A cushion with extra padding built inside is labeled as a Western + or Long Western+ and has more padding built in under your butt bones.

Fabrics with longer surface fibers like the faux sheep will hold more body heat. They will absorb sweat. Due to their fluffy texture they will also feel more cushiony. If they flatten down after riding, your fingers or any pet brush will fluff the fabric up again.

Smooth fabrics like faux suede will be the coolest since they have the shortest fibers on the surface. They will absorb sweat.

Polar fleece fabrics have medium fiber length so will hold a medium amount of body heat. They will absorb sweat. Fabrics with a print design will hide dirt and hair.

The faux tooled fabrics have a rubber type of coating on the fabric which provides some grip for the rider. They do not absorb sweat. They do slough off the dirt.

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+ Seat Savers with original 1" of padding

+ Seat Savers with 1" + extra padding