Below are approximately 6" squares of the fabric available for the top of the seat cushions. If you prefer to match your cushion to the colors of your tack you can order fabric on line to be shipped to me to complete a custom order. I return excess fabric with the order. You will need 5/8 yard for a regular Western cushion, and 32" for a Long Western or Aussie cushion. For the longer cushion, the pattern will need to be run diagonally or the long way. Call if this may be an issue for you. Be sure to keep in mind if there is a design where you want the design to be seen vertically or horizontally. 

 Brown faux sheep

Black faux sheep

Brown faux suede

Black faux suede

Dark brown faux suede

Black Wick Knit

Leopard polar fleece

Pink Camo polar fleece

Brown camouflage polar fleece

Leaf Camo polar fleece