Commissioned Artwork

Commissioned artwork may be ordered in acrylic, pencil, pastel, charcoal, ink, acrylic on feather, or other mixed media, the combination of more than one medium. I generally work from photos of your pets, people, homesteads, or favorite place. It is best if several photos be included with a list of your favorite poses or expressions noted. Actual photos provide much better detail than digital E-mailed pictures. Photos through the E-mail will give me an idea if I can do the work you want, but usually the actual photo will provide much better detail. If you like the style of an existing piece of my artwork and want your commissioned artwork done in a similar way please note that also.

Paintings and drawings may be done on rectangular stretched canvas, on canvas board, on water color paper, or on ink paper. The edges of finished work on a wrapped stretched canvas oval or rectangle may also be painted and the piece may be left unframed. Drawings are done in black and gray tones or in black and gray tones with light color (antique) or brilliant colors. Pencil, charcoal and pastel art are sprayed to fix the medium to the paper. Fees quoted are for canvas board acrylic paintings, or paintings/drawings done on water color or on ink paper. There are additional fees for stretched canvas. Additional figures and background will need to be quoted separately. Inquire on pricing for larger sizes. Prices quoted below do not include framing. Framing quotes will vary depending on the type of frame,plexiglass and mat ordered.

Small oval or rectangle - $150

11" X 14" - $310

16" X 20" - $640

18" X 24" - $865

24" X 30" - $1440

A nonrefundable deposit of one half of the fee is required on commissioned work. The balance is due on completion. Payment may be made with Credit Card, or with check or money order by mail.

I retain the copyright on my artwork.