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Could not locate a return policy on the site.

What is it?"

Thank u, JB

Items purchased that did not fit your saddle (which does occasionally happen) and are in "new" condition may be returned for a refund, minus shipping. Gayle

"Just wanted you to know that I rode with my seat saver this morning for the first time. It turned my uncomfortable saddle into wonderful! When I was done riding that horse I got out another horse that has a different saddle that is made for her, that I always thought was made for me...very comfortable. After riding with my seat saver on the other saddle my comfortable saddle felt uncomfortable. One ride in your seat saver has my spoiled my behind! I had to order two more for my other saddles. You are a Angel to come up with such a wonderful product. I'm getting order and comfort is important to me. Thank you!"


"Received my new Seat cover within 24 hours of ordering. I love them. It's my 4th purchase. Thanks so much Gayle for the fast service and the great product. was fun visiting with the voice behind the creation."


"I got it the day after I sent this. Thank you so much!! I haven't had a chance to ride it in yet because the weather hasn't been that great, but my husband took one look as I took it out of the box & said it was his, so I guess we'll be back to buy another :)"

"My fiance', daughter and I were at the Midwest Horse Fair Saturday. I bought a western saddle cushion from you and tried it out the very next day. I LOVE IT! And, I'll be telling all of my riding buddies. I had to get on your site and email you, also love your art. I have a beautiful cat who I'd love to have a pencil drawing of. Would it be possible to send you pictures, if that's how you draw...and also, how much for an 8 x 10 pencil drawing?

So glad to have met you,"


"I have now ridden 5 times with my new Comfort Cushion in my 25 yr. old Bona Allen saddle. Other pads I've used bunch up at the cantle but this one is absolutely part of the saddle.

kudos to your company!!! THANKS"


"I got the pad and even got to ride in it today. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a SUPER job on it and the gals at the barn were really impressed! I tried it on my English saddle (Western style cushion) today and it fit okay, but still bunched up in the front when I posted the trot. It was great for the canter work though and very comfy, so I'm thinking that I'm going to absolutely love it on my Western saddle. Can't wait to give it a try this weekend!

Thanks again! Super job!"


"Just to give you a quick seat cushions arrived and they are awesome. I'm thrilled with them. Thanks so much,"


"My husband has a friend who has one. He let him try it out. Hubby really liked it. They do not bunch up and don't have to be readjusted like his old one. It also looks like a part of the saddle. Very comfortable, too!"